Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Fliers away

For the last few days we have been going to the train station to pass out fliers for our ESL class. Mihoko's Dad helped me a lot. Today my kids came out and took some pictures of us. It can be a challenge to hand out the fliers at one point I thought the pigeon might take one but even he passed me by. We were successful in getting a few out. My Father-in-law was really good at this. Rachel even got into it. She was really good. The girls would shout KAWAIIIIII and it didn't matter what she handed them they would take it. I am going to take Rachel with me from now on. Monday we had a politician come out and stand near us shouting slogans. Today we had a group of JW's that stood near by as well. No wonder people don't like to take fliers it because they are all fliered out. I mean at most of the train stations you will have cell phone companies and rental agencies and language schools and all kinds of companies fishing for prospects. Pray we will penetrate the status quo and gain a few. Pray for us to do more out reach by just hanging out at the station getting to know people and sharing.

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