Monday, May 24, 2010

Goodbye to the Guerra Family

They are PCSing back to the US and have been great friends to hang out with and worship God together. Pray for their adjustment back into US culture and the transition and all. We had a great time at an all you can eat pasta place called. It was called "Modern Pasta" they are all over Japan and you get a bowl of pasta and the pizza is all you can eat. I was a good boy and watched others pig out. Although, I was caught sneaking in the only piece of desert that was ordered. It was embarrassing too as we were all getting up ready to go and I had forgot about the desert then the waiter comes running out and says wait you forgot your desert. 14 people all looked at me at once knowing who would order the desert. I should never tell others I'm on a diet. BTW, it was fabulous. I have no clue what it was but it was tiny and tasted like whipped jello with a raspberry jamb sprinkle on top. It looked healthy anyway. Now my conscience is clear and we can move on. We had great fellowship and our kids just love their kids. It was funny to see that their older daughter Isabele and our niece Yurika hit it off with some hand clap/slapping game that only girls in High School could ever do. It was too funny. The Guerra's are heading back to Las Vegas Nevada but are originally from California. In fact, Johnny and I were at rival high schools. I went to Cerritos High and he went to Artesia High. Go Don's. I was always embarrassed by our school mascot. Some were Eagles, or Bulldogs, or gladiators. We were the Don's I think it was supposed to be Don Quixote (SP) but he looked more like Zorro. So our hero has a 1970s ruffled unbuttoned shirt down to the belly button and wears tights. It works if you live in Hollywood or San Francisco but Cerritos? Anyway, did I digress. The Guerra's leave Saturday. Keep in the Word guys and may God bless you as you go we are sure going to miss you. Love you all and come back and see us sometime.

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