Tuesday, August 31, 2010

First day of School

More pictures coming as soon as I can find my camera. Anyway, Mihoko and I had been praying and felt the leading of the Lord to put our kids into Grace International Christian School. For Rachel and our kids this seems to be the best fit for now. The Lord definitely opened some doors of opportunity and we are stepping out. The school is great and the teachers are real solid and love the kids. Pastor Jonathan is doing a great job there and the kids keep coming back even a few in their senior year now so it is excited to watch them grow. I remember when they came to Costa Mesa and we had a meeting in the MCA office and discussed educational policies and curriculum and style of structure. I actually wasn't there in the meeting because I snore too loud. Anyway, God has used them to bless many families and students. Pray for their provision and growth. The ship is small and the galley is full. There is not much room for too much more growth. Pray for some solutions?

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