Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Felice on the Radio

At Chappy Radio FM 77.7 we had a special guest on the Foreign Broadcast Program. Felice Ip was in studio and she rocked the mike. Actually she gave a really great testimony of her faith in Jesus Christ. It was a fun program. Felice grew up in Hong Kong and came to the US at 13. She graduated with honors from UCLA in Mechanical Engineering and worked for 10 some years for a large Corporation. She left all that for the love of serving Jesus and it has been the most exciting ride of her life. She's not done and God has allowed her to see many places and do many things that were it not for Jesus she would have never done. She came to Christ at a young age and has just grown deeper in her relationship with Jesus over the years. She declared that Jesus is the only way to heaven and it is just a simple prayer of repentance and faith in Jesus who he is that will bring you salvation. It was a great interview. Pray that those who will hear the broadcast tonight will hear and receive Jesus. Thanks Felice for coming to Japan and being on the radio. God bless.

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