Sunday, October 17, 2010


We were blessed the other day by another heart patient. Our daughter Rachel goes to the hospital every month and there are always similar faces there. There are long waits for blood work and echo-cardiograms and the Doctor visit. In the heart clinic there are many patients that return for follow-up like Rachel. We have met so many of the famous transplants people that have been on TV and all. The golden folks that Rachel loves are the Obaa sans. The older ladies that just love her to pieces. They talk and as Rachel's Japanese is getting better they are so happy to be able to communicate. Some times they just sit and do aiyatori. In English, I have no idea what to call it. But you take some yarn about a foot long and then tie the ends together and with your fingers make all kinds of designs. Rachel can make a broom and a bunch of other stuff. So every so often we receive some love from the ladies. This week we got a Box of expensive Musk Melons. The blue label is a certification and on the internet they go for about $50 bucks each. We thought of auctioning them off on the web for the cash but we ate one and they are so wonderfully yummy. You can't sell this. Bon Appetite!

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