Sunday, October 17, 2010

Kiyosato Country Fair

We went to a country fair in the mountains of Kiyosato. It was a beautiful day. Fuji San (MTN) was in the background while we listened to all kinds of music and watched others dance and ate great BBQ. My daughter Jane could not stop dancing to the music she was so lively. It was fun. We went on a hay ride pulled but a John Deere Tractor. They had real American type crafts and stuff on display and for people to make. The crafts did have a Japanese twang in it but it was well done and everyone was very friendly. There was a group of people From Kentucky that came out to help with the whole event and assist in the activities. There was a missionary Paul Rauch that came to Japan back in the 50's. He was of the Episcopalian distinctive. He came to share Jesus. He also saved the town and put it on the map by helping them to diversify their crops and use more modern methods in farming. He even taught them how to brew beer. This facility was a retreat center with a beautiful chapel and meeting hall that looked out at Mount Fuji. It was all fairly new and unfortunately he did not get to see it. But it is cool to see the work still going on.

They had a dance troop that wore Laderhosen and did some dances. At one point with the big picture of the founder in the background and the German looking dance troop I wondered if they wouldn't secretly break away and run up the mountain to get their freedom? The ceremonies were opened by a singer who sang the good ole hymn "Amazing Grace" In Japanese it is amezingu guresu. We went with our sister church Grace Christian Fellowship and had a great time just hanging out and eating and fellowshipping. Pastor Jonathan was there but his dog had him going a hundred miles an hour all over the place. Don't get food near that dog he'll eat anything. If there is water around he'll jump into it. I had fun with Sammy the dog because he did remind me of my childhood and all the fun I used to have. Now I am reminded of all the reasons I don't want a dog in the family. Great weather great food great friends great fellowship all in all it was a great day.

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