Monday, November 22, 2010

The In-laws...

I am a really blessed man. I love my in-laws. We have been living together for the last 6 months and it has been a test of our relationship. Today they started to pack a few items toward moving out. We love them but there is a reason the Bible tells us to leave and cleave. We are not to be under that parental control but led and guided by the Lord. They will live about 2 and a half hours away. Their move though isn't as fast as I would like but they are showing signs of promise. I imagine they will wait til we are in the states and then they will use our car.

It was over 21 years ago that I met Mr and Mrs Hori. I was dating Mihoko and they came to the US for a visit. Mihoko was at Azusa Pacific University and we met at her apartment for a dinner together. I was so nervous. We had casual conversation. Then after dinner Mr. Hori nervous started to roll up the chopstick paper. He rolled it at an angle and it was like really long. Then he made a pair of glasses. SO when in Rome...I rolled my paper. We had matching glasses. Then the paper broke. SO we put the eye glass paper rings on the table and using the arm of the paper glasses we put it under our bottom lip and held it in place by making a funny face. Then we played a game to try and pick up the rings without using our hands. It was hilarious. I knew then I liked these people.

A while later I went to Japan as a short-term missionary and was able to stay with them for a couple of weeks. They loved me and took care of me. Even now they are still taking care of us. Mrs. Hori is a willing servant who wants to do everything. She will mend my clothes any time. The plus factor was the day we left for the mission field back in 2008 is Mr. Hori gave his heart to Jesus. He has been coming to church and we are enjoying a blessed time as a united family. But we had made arrangements from the beginning of their move over here to have them find a separate place. They were blessed with a place near Mr. Hori's home town in Nagano. They will have extra room whereby we can stay when we visit. Pray they will remain healthy for many years and enjoy grow in the Lord. Pray they will find a good church there. Pray Mr. Hori will find some godly men to grow in the Lord with.

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