Monday, February 27, 2012

Dan's snack

I know some of you are wonder what do I eat? I thought I'd share one of my snacks with you.

 Jalapeño Cheese Toast
This one is my Jalapeno Cheese Toast. I usually eat a 300 to 400 calorie breakfast. So around 10am I get famished. I usually reach for my low calorie low salt Polish Pickles but I get tired of that or sometimes I enjoy whole lemons. If you take 20 minutes to suck on lemon slices and eat the flesh they can be very satisfying.

Lately, we found at one of our foreign food stores a jar of sliced Jalapeno peppers. So I make this under 200 calorie snack with a piece of toast a slice of cheese and I top it with bell peppers and Jalapeno peppers. Then I toast it a second time melting the cheese. Oh it is so yummy. I almost ate this one before I had the thought to share it with you all.

Cheese I use is a Japanese torokeru or processed cheese... it is 58 calories a slice.
Bread White: 122 Calories a slice
Jalapeño's 27 calories. (although I am using only a table spoon say 1/2) so 14 cal
Bell peppers 30 calories also only a table spoon of one so 15 calories.


There are those times when I get the bug and just stand for 5 minutes in front of the fridge. I don't know what I want or am looking for but it is a habit. So to guard against eating harmful or it could be healthy but high calorie I like to have ammunition available in the form of pre-cut items. I take a whole Yellow Bell Pepper and a whole Red Bell Pepper and dice them up and save them in tuperware in the fridge. I'll cut up a whole head of lettuce ready for an instant salad. Our bodies need to burn fuel but do we get the cheap fattening stuff? Like gassing up your car at a generic no name gas station that makes your car engine knock. The same for our bodies. If we can eat satisfying efficiently burning fuels our bodies will do better. If we load it down with additives and salt we will feel bad and in many cases feel the need to eat more because of the deficiency in our body. Sometimes I wish our bodies had a pop up computer screen that could tell us what our body exactly needs. Body is deficient in potassium so eat a 1/2 a banana. But instead I used to reach for Pringles and diet soda. Hope you all enjoy the Jalapeño Cheese Toast and eat well so that we can serve well.

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