Friday, June 15, 2012

 As we were leaving a little girl came up and told Jane in Japanese, "Tell your papa thank you that was so much fun." Somehow to hear that made it even more rewarding. Proverbs 6:30 [Men] do not despise a thief, if he steal to satisfy his soul when he is hungry; Jane and I went to the Apartment park to make some balloon creations. Soon thirty + kids swarmed around us. It was crazy. I had 4 pumps and 150 balloons when the melee was over we got our 4 pumps back. I kind of felt ripped off as they took the balloons. Yet, It was a blast. I was able to make a few animals and then tell a few how. The soccer team of boys had only an interest in making things that are embarrassing. I could have stopped them with my loud bark. I could have risen up and snatched back my pumps and balloons. But the Lord spoke to my heart. These little ones are hungry for a touch. Just like in the gospels where Jesus was teaching and the kids came up for a touch. Jesus didn't check to see if they washed their hands. He said, "let them come." So, to sit there and just allow the flow and by the end, there were kids touching me like they would a friend or their papa. I know this blessed some kids so much. Some kids showed up late so we will have to go and get more balloons.  Kids in Japan need lots of love. I know everywhere in the world its the same. For me being here I just have such a desire to point them to the one who will love them all their life. They weren't stealing the balloons in my eyes they are hungry for attention, love, joy, and laughter but also instruction. Seeing them as hungry for Jesus affords me the peace to not despise them but love them even more for Jesus sake.

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