Saturday, September 15, 2012

Quandry of the world...NO ONE IS LISTENING

What a mess the world is in. We can share our opinions on how we see things. Yet they will chant and shout and won't listen. So one must reason that there are no ears wanting to hear. Jesus said, "He who has ears let him hear." Now we are understanding this more these days. When someone does not want to hear opinion or other view teaching then they will not listen. It is hard to understand this. The Bible also says in the last days the hearts of others will grow cold. It also mentions about there will be those who have a seared consciousness and will commit awful acts against humans and won't think it wrong. We are heading into this time. The U.S.' passive approach is too weak. I look to Israel a roaring lion in the desert and the nations around them fear them and won't touch them. Israel is very diplomatic and responds to any aggression and quashes it. The U.S. always wants to sit down and talk. How man "G" type meetings are there? Those meetings have produced lots of policy and centering world doctrine but it does little to benefit the globe. At least I don't see it.  There we are they don't want to listen and don't have ears to hear so what is all this talking? When Jesus comes back to Earth the Bible says that He will rule with a rod of Iron. I say let's get a head start.

America is in trouble financially, Yet year after year they give billions of dollars to these nations that hate us. I am not seeing the benefit of this. The Bible says the problem is going to get so bad that the nations of the world will have to create a global government. It is already being talked about. We are looking at cashless societies and banking as the norm now. Hand held devices control everything. We now have global access to all the news; including video, minute news feeds, and weather. It is so amazing. We can even view space and the mars rover pictures in almost real time. A human can know the conditions on a planet millions of miles away on a tiny little phone. Yet all of this technology will benefit none of those who won't hear. The Bible is coming true and there are hundreds of prophecies still yet to be fulfilled and we are looking forward to that. Jesus will come again and will make a things new again and will reign and rule in righteousness.

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