Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Iwa Kuni

well we went from Nagano two hours north of Tokyo to 5 hours south to Iwa Kuni in Yamaguchi Ken. Wow that was one long train ride but it was well worth it. We had such a blast with the Silva family. Mike Silva is the Pastor with is lovely wife Sonja who are a church plant from CC Okinawa believe it or not. Mike finished his military service in Okinawa and was employed back into the military as a civilian employee. When he was transferred to Iwa Kuni he began a Bible Study in his home. The rest is history and after a few years in the home God divinely led them through a process of building hoping to land in a beautiful place on the main road. They were able to lease a restaurant and it is working perfectly for them but as I saw on Sunday not for long. The can knock out one more wall and get 20 more chairs but God is blessing and I believe it won't be long before they will have those Calvary growing pains again. Pray for the Silva family as they are needing wisdom for the challenges that lie ahead. There is a division called the CAG division that will be redeployed from Atsugi base down to Iwa Kuni. So pray for the continued out reach and for a permanent translator to come on board. Also pray for a sound system for them. Pray for Sonja Mike's wife as she home schools and does many busy things loving on the sheep. She is one of those dynamo wives that arrive everywhere with flames smoldering off her. She does a lot and very well I might add. Mike is one blessed dude. Amazingly he is very humble and he loves sushi so much. I find it funny at how God just wires us all for those places he calls us to.

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