Monday, September 29, 2008

Nagano Japan visiting family

Hey guys we have been away for a few days in Nagano Japan. It was a blast to ride a shin kan sen train to Nagano from Tokyo. We went to a ninja village and played a little then we went and visited Mihoko Uncle Takemichi Hori. He had an accident a year ago where his leg was crushed in a freak accident and had to have it amputated. He is bouncing back and enjoying life. We had fun at his home and ate some real home grown Nagano Veggies. I haven't had corn that sweet in a long time. Nagano is know for Fuji apples and Kyoho grapes. Which is enjoyed. We stayed at a hotel called a ryokan (bed and breakfast) although they serve you dinner here as well and it is a hot springs. The Hotel is usually build over the hot springs and they just have the tubs in the basement of the hotel. We relaxed and enjoyed visiting family.

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