Saturday, May 29, 2010

I'm so sleepy

One of my Professors in Seminary Pastor Ray Snook always told us men to take care of our health. It bothered me but he would carry on about men in the ministry will quickly be stumbled or hindered from all the things they want to do and be limited from what they can do by bad health. He'd say, "Men get out and walk. It'll do ya good and you can talk to Jesus while you do it." He was right. My memory, health, and other things have led to the need to have a sleep test. I snore and deprive my head of Oxygen. I am always sleepy. I was caught by Mihoko a few weeks ago dosing off at the stop light. So a first preliminary test shows that I woke up 12x every hour a night. I am practicing for the cat-napping Olympics. So I went down and did the more thorough sleep test at the clinic. It was fun in some ways. I had my own private room which I haven't had for the two years moving here. There were so many wires. I felt like a puppet. Anyway, I'll know more next week. God bless and keep praying for us.

PS. I had to remove the picture due to the ugly nature. I was grossed out by me.

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Trevor Raichura said...

Oh come on, the pic wasn't THAT ugly! Hahaha... I'm glad I got to see the post before the censors got to your blog!