Monday, May 24, 2010

Saying Goodbye to Old Things

Here are a few last shots of the Restaurant our family had in Riverside. It was a great place with lots of great memories. Many people were initiated into the wonderful world of sushi here. It was called Akina Sushi Teppan. Teppan is the art of culinary creativity twirling knives and building onion volcano's and flipping egg onto peoples faces all the while cooking to perfection prime rib steak and seafood. We will miss Akina. Let's have a moment of Chopstick silence in remembrance of all the food flipped onto the floor by inexperienced restaurateurs attempting to pacify their hunger with loosing their lunch over the edge of the table. Many fingers were strained at the notion of a perfect piece of prime rib landing in the lap of disgrace as the fingers would malfunction causing the chop sticks to drop their prize. It was funny to watch many a mouth wide open waiting with anticipation the portion of pleasure only to be slammed shut with disappointment and dispare watching things roll across the floor or onto someone else plate. Sayonara Akina rest in peace.

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