Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Neelys Came by what a blessing

Ladies and Gentlemen, All the way from Okinawa Japan, we were officially blessed by the Neely family who came by yesterday and just hung out and blessed us. Of course, I talked their ear off like you wouldn't believe. But it was great to have them. Kayo Chan translated my message at the Worship conference in Okinawa at CC Ginowan a year ago. Andrew is a great godly man from the blessed state of Iowa. He came to Japan seeking the Lord 3 years ago and now God has blessed him with the wife of his dreams and the ministry of eternal blessings right here in Japan. They are so cute. They were married just a couple months ago and are traveling around Tokyo. It was so wonderful to see them they brought us joy to remember our own selves 19 years ago the 27th of this month. We were just like them except not as intelligent. They have the same really huge issues like we did with the fan on and window open versus no fan and no window and dying of heat exhaustion. Ha We enjoyed that time and can laugh so much about it now. Pray for them as they are so happy and the fan issue is just a funny thing. But pray for them in this stage of life to continue to build on that foundation of Jesus Christ and His Word, praying together and enjoying the time serving Jesus. Pray for God's blessings to be on them. We love you guys come back anytime and next time I'll let you talk...a little

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