Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Rachel Turns 9 Yeas Old

She is officially 9 years old. Where does the time go to. Rachel was an easy baby...except for the part about having a heart transplant when she was 4. God is good and gracious giving us so much time with her to enjoy her each and everyday.

We started the day with a hearty breakfast and then going to the church to prepare for our ESL outreach on Thursday. The kids volunteered to be our official Slip-n-Slide testers. They practiced sacrificing their bodies as they discovered where rocks and sticks were hidden in the grass. We'd pull the tarp back and yank it out and then they'd test it again. We then celebrated with a Sushi dinner and a Costco Cake.

I was a little bit more gentle on the lady than I was with Nathan. She had so much fun. She told me not to make any Kusai jokes so I told her I wouldn't. In Japanese to be 9 years old means you are ku or kyu-sai. 9=ku sai = age. But in Japanese to be stinky is the word kusai. Hmm so you can see the real temptation to make fun of this interesting fact about language. But I won't do it. I love my daughter and I won't tell you all she is really kusai.

We Love you Ray God bless your year and have a blessed healthy life.

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