Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Iruma Jazz Festival

We live next to a busy train station and there are facilities to host things like the Iruma Jazz festival. It was cool to hear some of the music from our apartment but after a while we were tired. I love Jazz for 30 minutes or maybe even a hour but 8am to 8pm was over the top. So of those guys think it is cool to play one note a million times. Anyway, we got out and checked out the scene and my buddies from the Radio station were there and one of the executives introduced himself to me so that was cool. After two years at the station I guess you get a rep. I don't know what mine is but I hope it is good. I feel bad for these guys because they already do 70 to 80 our work weeks and then on these festivals they work straight through 24 hours to 48 hours. It's crazy. Pray we can continue to share the gospel with them. Some of them like Digiman that it is nickname says he wants to come to church and clean up his life. I told him in the studio that you just come to Jesus and he'll clean up your life for you. It will be less messier that way. He didn't understand. There is Yuko Chan who wants to sing in a gospel choir. Not for any particular reason other than it sounds like it would be fun. I am hoping we can arrange a time for a team to come and do a gig and she can participate. Pray with us as this is a draw for many youth. Pray we can reach many with the gospel on the radio. I am praying we can have a gospel festival here in Iruma sometime and rock the streets with the sounds of Jesus not Jazz or better yet a Jazzy Jesus. Yea man cool...

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