Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Ninja's for a day

We went to visit Mihoko's Uncle for a couple of days in Nagano. We took one morning to go and visit a Ninja town in the mountains. It was so much fun. Jane was the Nina Panda she's not a Po but we had fun. We climbed ropes and scaled walls and threw real steel stars, We crossed bodies of water undetected. We even mastered a Ninja fun house where we caught Mihoko having way too much fun on the slide. Mihoko's Mother and I got caught following after the kids and we had to traverse some obstacles ourselves to get down. Too funny, did I bother to help the little lady down. No I just snapped pictures and was disappointed in the safe landing. Nathan was crossing a lake when he ran into trouble I thought for sure he was going in. But no he pulled off and made it to shore. Jane our stealth feather fighter just rode across the lake without any problems. Rachel was having too much fun on the ninja swing and Mihoko's dad found shade and ice cold green tea to make his day. I wish I had joined him. I'm tired. They said I wouldn't fit in the Ninja house but I was like the blob able to squeeze through the tightest of doorways. Yes we mastered Ninja town. Now we will be off to something to do with Vikings and food. I wonder what that could mean. He He HE

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