Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Some more pict of our trip to Nagano

Mihoko's dad Mr Hori has four other brothers. There are five. When we went to Nagano we got to hang out with two others. Mihoko's dad is living with us temporarily I think? Anyway, the family grew up in Nagano and it is such a beautiful place. You can pretty much go anywhere on the planet and see the same redwood and pine trees and so many other varieties where God who designed it has left his mark. It was a great time. We visited Gunma ken on our way home and stopped by family friend the Hagiwara's. They own a lot of land and grow cabbage. Tommy tells us that cabbage is the perfect food and that is one of the reasons why Okinawan's live so long they eat so much cabbage. We also stopped by a active volcano Asama san. It last blew in 1995. They had concrete barriers that were for refuge but the size of the rocks that blew out of the volcano are bigger than the refuge places. I hope there is a lot of rebarb in there. It was a great time and we loved the drive.

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