Sunday, August 8, 2010

Uh Oh! That can't be good?

Our computer had a blue screen. We restarted it many times like the instructions said. So we took it to PC Depot and the guys said it can't be helped. It was so sad we had so many things on the computer. Fortunately I was able to back it up before the blue screen. The story doesn't end there. We prayed and the Lord told me to try turning it on again one more time. The computer booted up and said it was recovering from a fatal error. I moved all the picts and music and defragmented the hard drive. Now our computer is working again. What a blessing. We are on borrowed time but I take it as a symbol for our times we live in. Everyday is a day of grace and we are serving the Lord full of joy and peace. The world is on borrowed time and there is coming a blue day for all humanity. We all have a virus of sin and yet those who believe in Jesus have their lives defragmented and backed up for all eternity where we will live forever. Cool thought. I can't wait until heaven.

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