Wednesday, September 1, 2010

First Day of School second posting

I found our camera. Here are some more pictures on the kids first day at school at GCIS Grace Christian International School. It was a great day. There are great teachers at GCIS. Jane has class with the CC Kansas City Okinawan sensei Erin Shaver. Rachel is with Mr. Meyers from CC Florence OR. and Nathan has all the other teachers. Ms McBade and Mr Van Slooten, Ms Rechten, Mr Galvin, Ms Smith, of course Mr Wilson and some others. We are excited for the kids to have a fun and blessed year. Our homeschooling experience was a special time. We drew closer together as a family but there were also challenges. I am hopping my kids won't be affected for too many years after my stirring the pot. They are a little weirder and way too vulgar. I apologize to all who will be subjected to these after effects. Now mom and I are hoping to have more free time. NOT!

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