Sunday, October 3, 2010

The last supper and lunch and evening snack for Felice

We had a great last day with Felice. Actually, Mihoko did. I stayed home and helped Nathan with his tons of homework. But anyway, Felice was able to get up to Kawagoe for a tour of the old town and some great ramen. She also was able to get some great photos. They saw some really old Japanese style homes and even a Ninja house where they had fun. Felice's favorite shot is when Jane was standing by a window and she captured Jane in the sunshine. Felice want's to name the photo touched by and angel.

Then in the evening we went out to a nice Japanese style restaurant where you sit on tatami(Bamboo) mats and the boo part is when your legs fall asleep and you have to stand up to use the restroom. Talk about banana legs. That didn't happen to me this time. It did before but we were ready and knew the point our legs needed stretching and this in turn would allow us time to stop plowing at the trough and sit back and enjoy the meal more. Felice and I ordered some Ton Katsu and this was good stuff. This wasn't the breaded ham slices like you get a some places in Santa Ana California. This was delicious. We scurried out from there hit some 100 yen shops or 99 cent stores. Oh maybe I shouldn't mention that for those of you getting Omiyage (Presents). LOL We then went to Saty a department store and just before closing we got some Taiyaki with sweet beans. It was good and Mihoko knew what to do when coming home she toasted them some more to make them crunchy and it was real good. Anyway, Felice is back in CA by now and hitting an In-N-Out while on her way home. I told her she could get back in time for the evening service at CCCM. Praise God she was so wonderful to encourage us and give us some much needed training in admin and media management and also Mihoko was privy to some piano secrets for leading worship which she was so excited to try. I asked if she would play worship but she shied away so we pray.

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