Friday, October 1, 2010

Mihoko in Hokkaido

Mihoko had the privilege of going to Hokkaido for a couple of days with Felice. It is an interesting place with some guy named Treavor doing weird things. I am not sure if he is meditating or itching his eyes. It seems they love to eat because that is all the pictures I have received or they are just being mean. They had sushi and then the second day they went to an All-You-Can-eat Lamb restaurant. That just doesn't sound delicious but apparently it was and I am hoping to get a dogie bag or is it a Lammie bag? They come home tonight and I am hoping to get Felice's pictures. See you later.

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Trevor Raichura said...

Trevor was neither meditating nor itching his eyes. He was doing weird things, though, you're right! Check my blog for other pics, bro (still all of food, mind you)!