Sunday, November 21, 2010

Ome Matsuri (Festival) and GCIS

Our kids have been attending GCIS Grace Christian International School for this year. They are having such a blast. one of their classes is a music class where Pastor Jonathan himself has been teaching them to sing some traditional songs like swing low, Oh When the Saints and I'm gonna sing sing sing... The kids were all very nervous but together they had a blast to get up on stage and do it. We are so proud of the kids. Grace Christian Fellowship the church had a booth with clowns scattered through out the venue and the kids were given game cards. They'd have to find clowns and read scripture verses to get stamps which then upon completion would gain them access to make a Christmas decoration. The kids loved it. I got in on handing out the game cards and it was so much fun. The clowns did a great job and had too much fun clowning around. Pastor Jonathan said it was easy to transport all the staff this year since they all dressed as clowns they all fit into the car. LOL he is too funny. May God sew the seeds of the gospel into the hearts of the people that heard. The GCF Worship team played a few song and did a great job and Jonathan sang with them Amazing Grace in English and Japanese. I was a little worried wondering if they were going to sing all 6 verses both in Japanese and English. Whew they didn't and it was pretty. God bless you all.

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