Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Pastors/Leaders Mens retreat

It was awesome as 28 some men got together and were simply in the word and worshiping Jesus for two days. It was glorious to have guys from all over Japan fly in and we just were giving face time to Jesus. It was a time for reflecting, reevaluating, and rededicating. Senior Pastor Tim Newman from CC Windward Kaneohe, HI; came and taught a study on Joy in the ministry from the book of Philippians. It was wonderful to learn about Paul and how in the difficult times serving the Lord you wouldn't know it because Jesus was always his focus his source his life his everything. Paul had tremendous joy in all aspects and levels of ministry because 1. He prayed. 2. He was positive about all his circumstances were the sovereign hand of God working out a greater impact for the sharing of the gospel 3. Paul knew humility if you have no humility you have no joy. 4. Paul knew Jesus Christ. He is the source of his Joy. 5. Paul learned contentment with just Jesus and nothing else. Contentment will only be found if we trust the providence of God. The Lord brought unity and love and a tremendous joy into all our hearts as we just kept the time centered on seeking Jesus. We had a couple of extended times of worship that God just use to pour out his spirit and we were able to pray for one another and encourage each other. The physical food was awesome too as Pastor Travis once again made the most amazing meals. We also had a lot of time for just hanging out and fellowshiping. We played board games and Travis even had an iphone game that was so hilarious and funny. We had two teams and one team recorded answers to questions into the iphone and then it would play those answers backwards for the other team. The other team had to record the sound identically and then reverse that sound to hear the correct answer. You had to be there to see it. I love all the guys there and it was just a real thrill to wait upon the Lord Studying the word fellowship and prayer and worship. Thanks be to God almighty who made this all happen. God bless the CC Tokorozawa folks and the CC Fuchu guys who did all the cooking and cleaning and preparing. God bless Pastor Tim and the teaching he gave it was awesome. God bless even the guys who beat me severely in that game of Tikal. Especially Jonathan who should feel guilty. LOL You know why...

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