Sunday, November 7, 2010

Undokai or Sports Festival GCIS

It was awesome weather to get out to Wakakusa Park and spend a day with a family that is all about Grace. Our kids are blessed to be able to go to Grace Christian International School. It is at Grace Christian Fellowship in Ome about 30 minutes away from where we live. The kids are loving the teachers the students and yes even the school work. As I type my son in on another computer flailing fingers on the keyboard doing a report. But Saturday we all gathered for Undokai or Sports Festival. The Japanese schools every year have a sports day where there are races and games and fun activities. They can be very serious and it is usually an all day event with lots of family attending. At Grace there is grace to go around and we had fun playing games and getting to know other families. Although I did sense some heated competition when we had a tug-o-war. The parents decimated the teachers so they had the teachers and students verses the parents. We held our ground for a few seconds but at last we lost. Their victory cry was not very spiritual to say the least. Oh well, even they need grace. HA! and we parents set a good example of being good sports and having a fun day.

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