Friday, December 3, 2010

Bump of Chicken

Bump of Chicken is a very popular band now in Japan. They are not Christian in fact they sing about many subject but one song that is popular is called "Karma". I found the lyrics facinating as he describes his life he had dirty hands and no control it speaks to me about the depravity of mankind. I am not endorcing the band or the song but I am one who can appreciate art sometimes and I like all kinds of music. The lyric that really got to me is at the end of the song where it says, "When you build a cross on the sunken reasons the promise will be fulfilled we'll become one." "Shizumeta riyuu ni juujika wo tateru toki yakusoku wa hatasareru bokura wa hitotsu ni naru." I'd be interested to hear what you might think the writer means here?

A single glass ball fell
When I went after it, I dropped another one
There's only enough sun for one
And only one left

As soon as your heart starts beating
You take up space, whether you want to or not
And you protect that space so no one else can take it

The hands I'd kept clean
Now look dirty
Before I can doubt my memories
My memories are doubting me

We'll meet for sure
Using our heartbeats as signs
I'm here and I'm always calling you
When the tired old reasons pile up and start to sway
That's when you know the reason you were born

As long as life exists
We take up space whether we want to or not
Two can't fit
When there's just enough sun for one

A single glass ball fell
And when it did, something shot out
It bathed in the light in the spot it stole

I've been counting my footprints
But at some point it became just a number
Apparently what I mustn't know
Is between one and zero

We'll meet for the first time
Using our screaming flags as signs
Don't forget, I'm always calling you
When we bury all the piled up reasons
That's when we'll make a promise

We're mirrors, both of us
Reflecting each other's karma
Our dirty hands will touch
And well know its shape

I'm here, and I can touch you
We're both here in this sun that's only enough for one

Don't forget, I'm always calling you
From the inside of the same glass ball
Yeah, we'll meet for sure
When you build a cross on the sunken reasons
The promise will be fulfilled
We'll become one

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