Sunday, February 13, 2011

Jane's first tooth

Jane our 6 year old daughter just lost her first tooth. It was uneventful as she was showing mom how loose it is. I over heard and said, "Let me see how loose it is." She said, "No way I know you. You'll just rip the tooth out of my mouth." She's right and so I let her be. I said, "your right I'd go to wiggle that thing and I just push it bending back inside your mouth, it'll come right out. Mihoko and I went to discussing ancient methodology for tooth extractions and to our surprise she bent the thing herself. She said, "Hora I did myself!" LOOK MOM I TOOK OUT MY TOOTH." I was bummed because I didn't get to do it but I was happy she was less dramatic and there were no tears just a toothless smile saying, "Hey when does the tooth fairy pay up?" We all laughed. Good job Jane this is the first of many more to come out. I can wait to see the uppers come out too.

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