Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentines Day Party

We had a Valentines day party in our home. There are many neighborhood kids that we want to get to come to Sunday School in our home. So we have these parties and love on the kids and have fun. We then share with them about God's love and invited them to Sunday School.
 It was a great time. We colored Valentine coloring books played some games, Dan told a hilarious version of the Valentine history in broken Japanese. The kids looked perplexed but those that knew Japanese and English were laughing as I slaughtered the language.  Towards the end of the party all the kids were correcting my Japanese for me. Humbling but amusing.

 We ate snacks and valentine cup cakes with whip cream frosting. It was a raging party. Someone even threw up on the carpet in the bathroom. When I was in the Army that meant the party was a good one. I'll take that as a compliment.

Pray for the kids to come to Sunday School. Pray that they come and learn how much Jesus loves them. One lady today in church who is of years remembers when she was a girl how she snuck away to go to Sunday School.  This led to her becoming a Christian later on in life.

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