Monday, April 11, 2011

Safety Dude

This sounded kind of fun to be a Safety officer but now that I am finally getting my head into this there is a lot more to it. FEMA has hundreds if not thousands of pages on safety stuff. I was thinking just a pamphlet of 10 pages. Ha.  Today as I was reviewing driving conditions one of my co-workers was pointing out that may towns and villages have sunk to right at or below sea level and are now experiencing flooding during high tides. So if you park your car in the wrong area it might float away while your out. More fun tomorrow. One of the other problems is so many road have dropped 1 to 2 feet that manhole pipes are sticking up like barrier poles you have to be very careful.  Am I safe or what. Pray that God will help me. I am the least safe guy in the whole world. I still open things with my teeth and eat, read a map and talk on a cell phone all while driving with my knee. Dude should I be sharing those things?

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