Friday, January 13, 2012

100 pounds part 2: Things that weigh 100 pounds stolen from other blogs

In celebration of my recent loosing of 100 pounds I wanted to see what on Earth also weighed 100 pounds. So here goes. And to give credit where credit is due. I have appropriated these picts from other sights except those that resemble me.
Me at 225 pounds or 102 kilograms
Me at 325 pounds or 148 kilograms

100 pound black lab
100 Pounds of Dumbells and I stress dumb

100 pound foal/ baby horse for those who don't know what a foal is.
Newborn baby hippo
100 pound prize winning pumpkin

100 pounds of marlin this may actually be like 300 to 400 pounds but it was a cool picture.
100 pounds of Tuna ooo Sushi...someone get the soy sauce.

My beautiful 10 year old daughter Rachel with her uniform and school backpack weights 100 pounds.

Wow wow wow I just can't believe I carried all that weight around with me. Talk about a major wake up call for me. Praise God!
I was that fat with me filling in those 44 size pants. Anyone want a slightly used pair of size 44/30 jeans?
My daughter Jane was having fun with my old pants. She stood in one leg and then lifted the other leg up over her head.

My bug Jane is now a worm or some other thing. Now its time for tickle torture. Hahahahaha

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