Sunday, December 2, 2012

What's biting you?

Acts 28 Paul and the 276 people on the sinking ship make it swimming to Malta Island. While building the fire. A snake fastens to his hand and he just shakes it off and goes back to work. Paul didn't freak out. He didn't stomp his feet and cry that's it Lord I am tired of getting beaten to near death. He didn't go go twisted sister; I can't take it anymore I am  better than this. NO! Paul has God's promise to go to Rome and nothing is going to stand in his way. Acts 27:23-25So many times the people around us can appear like a viper and bite us with their venomous words. I can get depressed and lose focus and just wonder why did they have to say that. Today we learned from Paul's example "Just shake it off!" That is what sports players do when they get banged up. They try to shake it off.

Maybe your one whose been bit and you're infected big time. You can't get over it. You'll never forgive it. It was a torpedo direct hit on your very core. But now your in bondage to the person. You can't stop thinking about them. They control your day. One
thought of remembrance will send you flying off angry or send you spiraling into the depths of depression. Paul knew God's promise and call. Knowing that he was able to shake it off. If you want to be free. Look to Jesus he said. "You shall know the truth and the truth will set you free." Those timeless promises of God that are just for you. He loves you and is able to forgive you all the time. Get her head back into the game and eyes on the promises of God and shake off that stupid painful viper. Get up and go there is so much work to do.
Another thing to note here about Paul's example. The natives were watching him like a hawk. They wanted, better yet expected him to blow up swollen and feverish. But then they saw him as a god. Paul by his example of faith to shake off the snake was able to be a witness to those watching him. Who might be watching you? If we look to Jesus and shake it off it will be a testimony to others. All glory to God he will take us his servant and serve up some snakes to latch onto us. Our job is to pass the test and shake it off and get back to work.
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