Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I am only half creapy now with my coffee

Well, I had to show you one of the examples of our English that sells a product but has a double meaning. Creap is the same pronunciation as Creep. A Creep is a guy your sister doesn't want to date anymore or some wierd guy that gives you the hiby jibies. A Creap is a Non-Dairy Creamer product or a cream-powder or just creap. But I thought it funny that this one is only 1/2 Creapy and I think I resemble that in many ways. Come on over and we'll have a cup of joe and be 1/2 creapy together. Now don't ask me about that Skip Jack with Curry? That scares me a little and is even more creapy than the Creap itself.

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