Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Meet the Bedow Family

I told you guys about this evangelist street preacher guy Mark Bedow a while ago; Well, he was holding out on me and I received a copy of the brand new CD by his wife Ritsuko Bedow. The CD is called "The color's of Your Love". We have become fairly good friends (I've been to their house twice. Usually I only get one invite and when I get invited back then I know we are friends. Hee Hee)and are appreciating what each other are doing for the Lord. More so, what the Lord is doing through us. Ritsuko is a Soloist who travels around Japan and sings in concerts and at churches. They are a fun family and my kids are enjoying their kids; Kachel (10), Jessica (7), and Mariko (4), I believe. Anyway, keep your eye on this family as God is using them in a mighty way to bless the body of Christ in Japan. The best part is they live in Iruma and I get to go over to their home and eat Ritsuko's goodies. Actually, they are Mark's goodies and she gives them to me. Hee Hee.

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