Sunday, May 24, 2009

Meet the Street Preacher

Hello everyone I want to introduce you to Mark Bedow. He has been in Japan for more than 20 years and preaches a straight forward gospel in Japanese. He is almost everyday at the Iruma Train station shouting to the masses of hundreds of people, hitting their morning commute, the gospel of Jesus Christ. I get hit with so many emails from those who say your American style Christianity won't work there in Japan. They tell me how unique to humanity the Japanese species is and that we have to culturally bend and augment the "Western" Idealism of modern day theology and how it doesn't work with the Japanese. I have been told to study Japanese for two years at the University and sit back as a disciple of Japanese culture and then after two years I might understand enough to be able to evangelize the Japanese. Hmm. Mark walks to the train station and shouts to the masses like John the Baptist and he sees lives changed. The gospel is in thousands of countries around the world being preached for hundreds of years. The gospel never changes and the delivery never changes. God's power is a constant in the universe. Colossians says he holds all things together in a constant power grip. The only thing that I see is not the strength of the gospel diminished nor the power but the hard heart that the seed can't penetrate.
Mark one day went to preach at the train station and there was a tremendous battle just to get to the spot to preach. The enemy was hindering him with tremendous thoughts of doubt and unworthiness. It took him and hour to pray through the wall. He had preached hundreds of times and never had this kind of opposition. Then after an hour he approached the spot and spoke with difficulty and yet then after a few minutes the oppression left and the Spirit flowed as usual. Soon after he finished preaching a young lady approached him and said thank you for your message. I came here today to jump in front of the train and commit suicide. This message has given me hope. Mark was able to minister to the young lady and she gave her life to Jesus. The Gospel works. I am just going to listen to the Holy Spirit and do what he says. Mark and I had some great fellowship pray we can be good friends.

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